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14th December 2009

CM Mondeo Removal Vehicle

In addition to the much talked-about launch of the new CM Fairlane range there was one area of the Coleman Milne stand that was remarkably busy throughout the recent, three day National Funeral Exhibition at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire and that was around the CM Mondeo Removal vehicle.
The Mondeo removal vehicle was launched towards the end of 2008 and has sold steadily since it was introduced to the market place with many Funeral Directors citing the build quality, understated functionality, and professional appearance make the Mondeo the perfect addition to their fleet.
Group Sales & Marketing Director Geoff Hudson quotes, “the Mondeo Removal vehicle was a great success at Stoneleigh. We had a large number of Funeral Directors who looked at the car for the first time who commented on both the quality and functionality of the folding deck area. As a result of the show we have had a number of enquiries regarding the vehicle and look forward to providing a sustained number to new and existing customers over the next few months”.
The Coleman Milne Removal vehicle offers a high quality veneer deck which will accommodate a coffin over six foot or a Ferno type 24 style stretcher. The folding removable deck will also accommodate coffin stops and fittings for one or two coffins or stretchers and has an innovative quick release system for removal or access to the spare wheel. This vehicle also offers a number of seating options and when the deck is in use can offer unrivalled leg room for the driver.