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4th June 2024

60 Vehicle Order for Central England

Coleman Milne, a trusted name in funeral vehicles, is pleased to announce the commencement of delivery on a substantial order of 60 vehicles for Central Co-op. This order marks another milestone in the longstanding partnership between Central Co-op, Zenith Leasing and Coleman Milne, reflecting the continued trust and satisfaction in our products and services.

Central Co-op has been a valued customer of Coleman Milne for many years, relying on our expertise and quality craftsmanship for their Hearse and Limousine needs. The decision to place this significant order further reinforces the confidence they have in our vehicles.

The 60-vehicle order will be facilitated through Zenith Leasing, a reputable leasing provider, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for Central Co-op. This leasing arrangement offers flexibility and convenience, allowing them to manage their fleet effectively.

The comprehensive order includes a variety of vehicles tailored to meet Central Co-op’s diverse requirements. It comprises 11 flower vans, 21 single fixed-deck private ambulances, and 28 Surelift ambulances, all of which are based on the reliable Vauxhall Vivaro platform. These vehicles are meticulously designed and built to provide optimal performance, comfort, and functionality, meeting the stringent standards expected in the funeral industry.

Lee Bevan, Head of Funeral at Central Co-op, comments: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Coleman Milne through this substantial order of 60 vehicles. This investment reflects our unwavering commitment to providing dignified and reliable services to our communities. With Coleman Milne’s expertise and quality craftsmanship, coupled with the leasing process facilitated by Zenith Leasing, we are confident in the seamless integration of these vehicles into our fleet. We look forward to continuing to uphold the highest standards of service excellence in the funeral industry with these new additions.”

Delivery of the ordered vehicles has already commenced and will continue until July, ensuring a timely and seamless transition. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and support throughout this process, ensuring that each vehicle meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.