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21st May 2024

Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services Leads the Way in Sustainable Funeral Transportation

Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services proudly announces its pioneering move as the first independent Funeral Director to invest in the all-electric Etive Hearse and Limousine from Coleman Milne. This bold step underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the funeral industry.

David Barrington, Founder and Director of Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking decision, stating, “As we enjoyed running the Ford Hybrid fleet so much, the Etive was the next logical step when we came to upgrade our fleet. We love the smooth, silent ride the Etive offers, and its green credentials are icing on the cake.”

The Etive Hearse and Limousine represent a revolutionary advancement in funeral transportation. As the only all-electric, full-sized vehicles on the market, they embody cutting-edge technology and environmental consciousness. With an expected range of 200 miles, zero emissions, and silent operation, the Etive sets a new standard for sustainability in funeral procession vehicles.

By embracing the Etive, Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services demonstrates its dedication to reducing carbon footprints and promoting eco-friendly practices without compromising on quality or performance. The decision aligns with the company’s ethos of providing dignified and respectful services while minimising environmental impact.

Not only does Etive ensure the longevity and sustainability of the company’s fleet, but this investment also sets a precedent for the industry. By prioritising innovation and environmental responsibility, Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services continues to lead by example, inspiring others to follow suit.