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22nd October 2010

Grady’s Family Funeral Directors take delivery of their new Ford MK11 Fleet

Gradys Photo
Grady’s is a well established family business spanning six generations from 1891 when it started off as a hire business, becoming Funeral Directors in their own right in 1916. The Family business currently comprises of Jane (daughter of the late Gordon Grady), Peter (Jane’s husband), Jonathan and Lucy (their Son and daughter) along with Graham (Lucy’s partner).
Jane joined her father in the business in 1988 becoming one of the very few lady Funeral Directors at the time. Their latest business venture is to build new garages to house the new Coleman Milne Ford Cardinal MK11 “Classic” Hearse and Ford Dorchester MK11Limousine.
The Picture shows Graham and Jonathan with Coleman Milne’s Peter Potter accepting delivery of their Ford Cardinal MK11 “Classic” Hearse and Ford Dorchester MK11Limousine