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1st December 2010

British Engineering


There’s a certain quality about the Coleman Milne Vehicles. Whether it’s their distinctive design or their performance, they all have a presence that commands respect. And all that is supported by the magnificent people that work with these cars every day, making them what they are, pouring all of their experience, knowledge and passion into every hearse and limousine that comes out of our factory. It is our determination to create the best British manufactured funeral vehicles, and we are able to do that because our engineers really care. So we are proud to announce the start of production of our own, locally made funeral range of Mercedes Benz E 212. A unique and highly distinctive car, built with your safety and comfort in mind, and now you can have it manufactured right here in the UK.

Dave Terry, Director of Engineering says: “Developing the Mercedes E212 to bring it to market as a unique UK built project has generated many challenges for us at Coleman Milne. Our engineers have had to overcome many issues as diverse as making the external body styling work for both the hearse and the limousine, to working with our specialist partners ,to resolve the a multitude of technical problems that are created by producing funeral vehicles on this base car. It would have been simple to pursue the same route as other suppliers and work with the German produced funeral base vehicle, but we believed that the challenge to make the car completely within our factories in Westhoughton was worth the effort, especially in this economic climate, and in fact, many of our customers drove us down this path. We believe the finished product meets the exacting standards we set ourselves at the onset of this project, to develop, build and supply to the UK funeral sector, a UK built solution”

It is our passion for perfection that drives Coleman Milne to lead the way in funeral vehicles, our commitment and reassurance that all our limousines, hearses, and removal ambulances are designed and built by craftsmen using the very best materials to the highest standards of quality.