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17th January 2014

Coleman Milne Fleet No.8 for Eaves Funeral Service Ltd

Eaves Funeral Service Ltd has proudly served West Cumbria for over 50 years with their enviable tradition of high standards of care, service and attention to detail. With this in mind, Phillip Eaves chose a new Coleman Milne Ford MK11 fleet to further enhance the quality of service they offer.

The new MK11 Cardinal hearse adds to the two matching Dorchester MK11 Limousines delivered earlier in the month. This is the third Coleman Milne fleet they have ordered in distinctive Tanzanite Blue with luxurious Warm Charcoal Leather and their eighth Coleman Milne fleet overall.

Philip Eaves, son of founder William Eaves and Director Mike Jolly chose the 2.0L Fords for their spacious interior, economical EcoBoost engine and the Coleman Milne build quality.

Mike Said ā€œSince we bought our first fleet of funeral vehicles in 1982, we have only ever bought from Coleman Milne. We have been continually impressed by the vehicle quality and comments from our clients reaffirm that. Our new fleet takes passenger comfort to the next level, with plenty of space and a quiet smooth ride from the impressive 2.0 EcoBoost engine.ā€

Pictured:Ā Philip Eaves (Right) and Director Mike Jolly (Left) outside the Whitehaven premises of Eaves Funeral Service Ltd