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15th June 2015

The Norwood steals the show at the 2015 NFE

After much anticipation in the industry, the new Coleman Milne Norwood Classic Hearse was officially unveiled at the 2015 NFE and received a remarkable response that surpassed the expectations of the Lancashire based coach builder.
This is the first range in Coleman Milne history to have been engineered completely using CAD/CAM methods which has meant the manufacturing process could commence before they had hands on the base vehicle.
The show itself was a resounding success with order commitments exceeding Ā£1m for a variety of new and used ceremonial and removal vehicles.
Managing Director Geoff Hudson commented,

ā€œWe are incredibly proud of this superb new range of vehicles and the team that have developed it. Weā€™re expecting great things in 2016; Coleman Milne is setting a new standard in the manufacture of ceremonial vehiclesā€

The limousine to match the Norwood Classic named the Rosedale is now in pre-production along with the sleek Norwood hearse. The full range is available to pre order now for delivery in 2016.
Coleman Milne has a dedicated website to give admirers of the new range the opportunity to register their interest and chart the progress of the new range.