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29th July 2015

New Surelift for JJ Burgess & Sons

It is never to go shopping whilst you are hungry so they say – the same can be said for a Funeral Director attending the NFE in need of a new hospital Removal Vehicle.
Having surveyed all that was on offer at the show and taken in balance the marque, the cost, build quality and more importantly the availability; Coleman Milne offered Justin Burgess a demonstration of the new Vauxhall Vivaro Surelift removal vehicle.
After a two week demonstration, the staff had fallen in love with its smooth deck operating system, superb air con and its overall excellent drive. A deal was struck with Coleman Milne’s Peter Potter and the long wheel based silver Vauxhall Vivaro sport was delivered to the head office in Hatfield.
Justin commented,

“The van does everything that we need it to do, comfortably taking four full Ferno stretchers, useful storage solutions, glove holders and crem film storage”.