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16th February 2016

Ford Dorchester Limousine and Cardinal Hearse for Affertons Funeral Care

Coleman Milne is proud to supply Affertons Funeral Care with their first Coleman Milne vehicles. Affertons Funeral Care, based in Dundee, is operated by Funeral Directors Paul Craigie and Tommy Greig who offer a caring and compassionate service, with emphasis on guidance and support through the funeral process.
The stately Ford Cardinal Hearse with its expansive glass roof delivers performance and style. Featuring luxurious leather upholstery, a generous sized deck and large bearer seat access. As a perfect complement to the Hearse, the sophisticated Ford Dorchester Limousine has been designed to ensure maximum passenger comfort and includes a full height electric division to ensure a discreet and dignified journey.
Pictured with their Hearse and Limousine are Funeral Directors Tommy Greig (left) and Paul Craigie (right)