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10th October 2016

Norwood Classic and Rosedale for Dunnett’s Funeral Directors

Dunnett’s Funeral Directors was established by George and Alison Dunnett and is a family run business with branches in Wick and Thurso. The Dunnett family have offered a wide range of services to the community for over 30 years, maintaining exceptionally high standards and providing the very best in a dignified and professional service.
They recently added the prestigious Norwood Classic hearse and Rosedale limousine to their fleet. The Norwood Classic adds a dignified and modern touch to the occasion with its expansive glass roof, sumptuous leather upholstery and large bearer seat access.
The Rosewood limousine adds a stylish compliment with its increased headroom and visibility in the rear passenger space. Discretion and dignity is maintained by the option to include the full height electric division.