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28th April 2017

Craven Comes Back to Coleman Milne for Fleet of Six

Family run Craven Funeral Directors have returned to Coleman Milne for a stylish selection of Norwood and Rosedale vehicles. Craven, who serve Liverpool and North Cheshire area have a strong reputation for going above and beyond to provide for grieving families, it is a reputation which has been built up over almost 100 years of experience.
Craven’s entire fleet consists of iconic dark blue vehicles which offers a stylish and respectable alternative to the traditional black, and also means a funeral procession is easily identifiable as a Craven ceremony.
Coleman Milne were proud to deliver this fleet of two new Modern Norwood Hearses and four Rosedale Limousines to a company who are renowned for maintaining high standards with their fleet. The vehicles are all fitted with Euro VI Diesel engines and 2 bearer deck as standard and feature the glass roof which allows the coffin to be swathed in light. The 6 newest vehicles will join an already established fleet which covers seven branches and chapels of rest.
Charles Craven follows a long tradition of delivering outstanding care and sees it as his responsibility to carry that legacy forward and ensure that Craven Funeral Directors remains at the forefront of customer service. As the Director, Charles expects the highest standards from his team and this drive for perfection extends to vehicle choice.

“Coleman Milne have a long history of excellent service and high standards, we chose these cars for their quality build and the extra comfort they will provide for our customers.”

Charles Craven and his fleet of Coleman Milne Norwood and Rosedale ceremonial vehicles