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6th September 2017

Huntleys Funeral Services receive another Coleman Milne Fleet

Huntleys of Redditch have been trusting Coleman Milne for their ceremonial vehicles for over 2 decades, this time choosing the Modern Norwood Hearse and Rosedale Limousine.
The Worcestershire based funeral directors offer comfort and support to their local community, not only as a service for the bereaved but also by supporting local charities and causes.
Huntleys are a company that cares about the details, that’s why they choose to return to Coleman Milne where they know they will get the highest standard vehicles for their clients. The Modern Norwood hearse is the perfect balance of traditional distinction with contemporary style. It partners with the Rosedale Limousine which features full leather interior and wide opening doors which affords dignity and comfort for the drivers and passengers alike.
Diary Manager Steve Watson said “I’ve been here over 20 years and we’ve always used Coleman Milne.”
Coleman Milne is delighted to have delivered another fleet to Huntleys and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their longstanding loyalty.

Pictured: Stacey Moore and Terry Jarvis, Fleet Manager