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25th October 2017

Loyalty that Lasts

John Corner Funeral Service of Whitby, North Yorkshire has once again trusted Coleman Milne for their ceremonial vehicles.

For the past 42 years, John Corner Funeral Service has been providing support and care in the North East coastal town, and for all those years Coleman Milne have been supplying their fleet. They opened with a Ford hearse and have just taken their latest delivery of a MK 11 Cardinal Classic Hearse.
The compassionate company was started by John Corner in 1975 and is now run by his daughter and son-in Law; Wendy and Kevin Robinson who maintain the company’s reputation for “Genuine Professionalism” * and outstanding care for their clients.
Wendy said;

“When you find a company you can trust, you stick with them. Coleman Milne have always delivered on high quality cars that we can rely on.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank John Corner Funeral Service for their continued loyalty and we hope to be providing their vehicles for another 42 years.
*A comment taken from Jane Jobling on the John Corner Facebook Page

Pictured Wendy Robinson, Kevin Robinson and Coleman Milne’s Eddie Marsden