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3rd April 2018

New Coleman Milne customer, David Robb, chooses Cardinal MK11

David Robb has spent his entire working life in the funeral industry, from the age of 17 he began as an Office Junior and after 18 years the decision was made to take his undeniable skills and experience and offer them as an Independent Funeral Director in Glasgow. The company has gone from strength to strength with his glowing reputation as testament to his care and professionalism.
After years in the industry David was already well-aware of Coleman Milne and their long history as manufacturer of ceremonial vehicles, it wasnā€™t long until David was in a position to select his own Coleman Milne Cardinal MK11.
This traditional hearse features leather seating and three bearer seats with cover boards. Drivers tech includes parking sensors, reversing camera and cruise control. The wreath rail allows for personalised adornments for each occasion.
David said,

ā€œI have always been aware of Coleman Milne and the high standards of vehicles they supply.Ā  I had been looking for a hearse for the last 6 months and there was nothing about that really stood out to me.Ā  This hearse became available and all it took was one call to Tony from Coleman Milne and everything was taken care of including delivery.Ā  A big thanks to Tony and the team at Coleman Milne for all their help.Ā  The hearse has had lots of good comments from our clients and is exactly the type of vehicle I was looking for.ā€