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25th May 2018

G&R Sutherland move from MK9 to Mercedes

G&R Sutherland have taken delivery of another Coleman Milne hearse. Already customers of Coleman Milne, they made the switch from the Cardinal MK9, which had served them and their customers well to the Mercedes 211.
The stylish 211 is fitted with coffin illumination lights and a full-length, lined underdeck. Coleman Milne vehicles are renowned for their comfort and class and the 211 has been one of the best-selling models.
Richard and his wife Tracy are the 2nd generation in the business and Richard has been involved in the day-to-day management for 40 years. Like many traditional funeral directors, Richard has a dual role as a joiner making G&R Sutherland a cornerstone of the Brora community.
Richard said:

“We chose Coleman Milne for a second time as we found them to be very accommodating for our needs, friendly and efficient”

Pictured: Tony Kerr and Richard Sutherland