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16th July 2018

Big things on the horizon

Anyone who has visited our factory in the past few weeks may have noticed the hive of activity going on in the yard; weā€™re building a new storage facility!
The last few years have seen a lot of growth at Coleman Milne and with increased demand for our vehicles and an expanding work force we realised the need for additional factory space.
The new building will provide much needed storage space which in turn will free up space in the factory. The factory has already undergone re-organisation which will streamline the build process and allow for increased production. We will also be creating additional office into the factory to accommodate our growing staff base.

In recent years we have launched new models across the Coleman Milne range with the Norwood and Rosedale being developed in 2015 and the E213 Hearse and Limousine being introduced at the National Funeral Exhibition in 2017. The investment into the range has been huge (and ongoingā€¦keep a look out for news on exciting new developments) and the hard-work has paid dividends as our full order book shows. With such positive reactions to the new lines, and with continued loyalty and support from our customers, Coleman Milne has seen unprecedented growth with the trend set to continue into the future.
CEO Geoff Hudson said:

ā€œWe are in a very fortunate position; to have the loyalty of our customers, a dedicated workforce, and the investment of the board. This combination is what secures our success and the last few years have been testament to that.ā€

This new building represents the ongoing progress Coleman Milne is making and will allow us to continue providing a personal and hands-on service to funeral director the length and breadth of the country.