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26th July 2018

Peter Potter Delivers Mercedes 213 to Memorial Woodlands

Over the years Funeral Directors have diversified their services to cater to changing opinions on what should happen after a person passes away. Memorial Woodlands are one such company; they offer traditional and contemporary options tailored to suit each individual and their families.
Established in 2001, Memorial Woodlands have grown rapidly both as a business and in reputation. The close-knit team have countless year of experience between them and together ensure the smooth running of all the funerals they conduct.
Their most recent addition is the (Pictured) Coleman Milne Mercedes E213 Hearse. Finished with full leather interior and adorned with personalised illuminated signs, the vehicle mirrors the company image of being simultaneously traditional and forward thinking with a touch of luxury.
The Mercedes E213 will soon be joined by a private removal vehicle which will also be provided by Coleman Milne.
David Rae said:

ā€œThis new and elegant hearse is a very welcome addition to our fleet. We believe in ensuring that families are carefully supported and made properly aware that in planning these, sometimes difficult, occasions they have choices. Selecting the appropriate vehicle is one decision that will now be simpler.ā€