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26th November 2018

Innovative Hybrids on the Road

Coleman Milneā€™s close relationship with Ford can be traced as far back as the mid-1950s when the company was founded and launched the Mk 1 Zephyr & Zodiac range. More than 60 innovative years have passed since John Coleman and Roderick Milne got the production line rolling and that bond with Ford still exists today in the form of our Norwood & Rosedale collection.
Innovation is and always has been one of the core values of our business, which is why weā€™re proud to offer the UKā€™s first hybrid hearse based on the brand new Ford Mondeo Estate. This new Norwood hybrid variant offers a discreet and efficient alternative that can easily compete on performance with traditional vehicles, while the noiseless engine enables the dignified silence often associated with the ceremony.
What really sets the hybrid apart is the regenerative braking system, which allows the vehicle to recover up to 90% of battery power that would otherwise go to waste during braking. By utilising this technology, the vehicles effectively become self-charging and, in doing so, means that no additional charging infrastructure is required.
As well as retaining its driving characteristics, this new hybrid variant will also carry with it all the features of the Norwood & Rosedale collection that our customers have come to know and love; options include the expansive glass roof, bespoke illuminated signs and the sleek design of the modern or classic-shaped deck area.
Our demonstrator vehicles are now on the road and build slots will be available from early 2019, so contact your Area Sales Manager today to find out more:

  • North England, Scotland & Ireland: Tony Kerr – 07860 586850
  • North and Central England: Eddie Marsden – 07919 162564
  • Central/South England and Wales: Stacey Moore – 07393 014281

The UK’s first hybrid hearse based on the Ford Mondeo Estate, available now for demonstration