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13th January 2019

Birmingham Funeral Director Returns to Coleman Milne

Goodridge-Milford Funeral Directors recently returned to Coleman Milne to add to their growing fleet, following their purchase of a nearly new Mercedes limousine in 2016.
Formed in 2011, the Birmingham-based business has been very successful in the community since their humble beginnings from the back of business owner Sharon’s car. Word of mouth has been the key to their success, as well as the uniqueness of their business – Sharon is thought to be the only known female funeral director of West Indian heritage in the West Midlands.
As well as providing support to grieving families in the area, business owner Sharon also receives support from her own family. Her son, Marquell, Sharon and the team with their new vehicles also operates his own masonry business while still lending a helping hand where needed.
Having recently purchased new premises, the business has also decided to invest in their fleet. They chose their first brand new vehicles from our Mercedes E-Class range, opting for a hearse with illuminated signage, coverboards and 3-bearer deck with a matching limousine.

“I’m so proud of how far the business has come since I started out. Having my family around me during the process has been fantastic but having the expertise of Coleman Milne has been phenomenal. It’s great to be in a position to make such a substantial investment in my business and having their team on hand to guide me through the process of obtaining new vehicles has been a big help.”

Sharon and the team with their new vehicles