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25th March 2020

NAFD President goes Hybrid with Coleman Milne

Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services philosophy is to provide a progressive and flexible service that empowers families to create a unique ceremony for their loved ones which will leave lasting treasured memories.

You could say that the funeral trade is in David’s Barrington’s blood, he was raised at the family funeral business established in 1949 by David’s father. Sadly, David lost his mother at an early age and these early experiences forged his outlook on the funeral trade.

David is currently the NAFD National President and represents the NAFD on the Funeral Celebrancy Council. During his career David has earned a Diploma in Funeral Directing and is also an NAFD Approved Tutor.

Located on the picturesque North West coast, Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services operate from branches in Waterloo and Formby. The business is family owned and run by David and his wife Claire and ably supported by their close team who are on hand to provide a caring a supportive service to their clients.

Coleman Milne’s efficient Ford Norwood Classic Hybrid hearse and Rosedale limousine are the latest editions to Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services’ fleet. Designed to maximise power and efficiency, Coleman Milne’s Ford Hybrid range also cut an impressive visual statement. These outstanding vehicles use HEV smart technology to effortlessly switch between the conventional fuel engine and electric motor, the result is an exceptional drive experience with reduced emissions and cost savings.

Passenger comfort is paramount with the ergonomically engineered hybrid range and high-tech specification such as satellite navigation, climate control and auto stop come as standard. To further enhance the vehicles, the hearse is fitted with a stylish vogue grey deck, cover boards and illuminated signs and each vehicle has ceramic to keep the paint finish in showroom condition.

David commented:

“We believe that personal touches contribute to ensuring the ceremony is truly unique and memorable. We encourage our clients to celebrate their loved one’s life by encompassing their own distinct tastes within the service and this includes the selection of ceremonial vehicles. The addition of the Coleman Milne hybrid range offers real choice and lessens the environmental impact.”