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12th November 2020

Coleman Milne add Petrol-Hybrid model to the Mercedes range

The future of funeral vehicles, four decades in the making

Imagine being able to run a funeral procession in absolute silence. No engine noise, just complete peace – a chance for loved ones to reflect and remember.

With Coleman Milne’s new Mercedes-Benz E300e plug-in hybrid range, this heightened level of service has now become a reality. Featuring an electric vehicle powertrain working together with a conventional 2.0-litre petrol engine, the Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz E300e combines zero emissions-capable driving with complete flexibility.

With the ability to run the vehicle in full electric mode for up to 30miles, the Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz E300e allows you to provide an entirely silent funeral procession. It also means you can produce zero emissions when driving through a built-up town or city.

Meanwhile, the Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz E300e’s efficient 2.0 petrol engine means that the vehicle can still travel long distances without needing to refuel or recharge. The E300e plug-in hybrid typically uses a combination of electric and petrol-engine power for complete efficiency.

National Sales Manager, Graham Clow said;

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Mercedes Petrol Hybrid to be launched along with the latest Mercedes E Class Facelift model. Until now, Mercedes could only offer the Diesel Electric Hybrid which as well as being heavier, negated the benefits of a Hybrid for Clean Air Zones.

The new Petrol Electric Hybrid offers the best of both worlds, with pure electric drive of around 30 miles with a top speed in electric mode of up to 80 mph but with the backup of its super smooth petrol engine.

At the press of a button on the Mercedes centre console, electric mode can be selected and will automatically switch back to petrol once the battery power is exhausted. Once back at base the car can be charged at the mains with a conventional domestic power socket and be ready to go for the next day’s funerals.

This technology is available on the Classic and Modern style Hearse’s and a matching Limousine, all will be fully type approved just like our Petrol and Diesel versions.


Comforting to drive and own

The Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz E300e’s blend of electric and petrol power further improves upon the already exceptional Mercedes-Benz driving experience. As well as being quieter, the E300e is more refined and better composed through corners, while the powertrain remains highly responsive despite the additional weight of a funeral vehicle compared to a standard car.

There are four operating modes to choose from:

  • Hybrid
  • E-Mode – electric only
  • E-Save – engine only
  • Charge – engine only, but the battery is charged

Some charge is also recouped by the powertrain as the driver lifts off, recycling energy to improve efficiency through a combination of operating temperatures and optimised gear changes.

As well as being a joy to drive, the Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz E300e is also rewarding to own. As well as the inevitable savings made on fuel costs thanks to its exceptional fuel economy, the E300e’s zero emissions-capable status means that it is exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) in the first year of ownership, saving you around £500.

Because it is a plug-in hybrid, the Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz E300e is also exempt from London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charge. The E300e’s zero emissions-capable status also future-proofs it against any Clean Air Zones, which may be enforced in other cities across the UK.

Latest Mercedes-Benz technology

Based on the AMG Line Edition, the E300e plug-in hybrid is part of Coleman Milne’s 2021 Mercedes-Benz range, which features updated exterior styling, including redesigned headlights, grille, front and rear bumpers and taillights. It also boasts an all-new interior featuring energising comfort seats and two 10.25 inch instrumentation and infotainment screens.

The Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz E300e is also offered with Mercedes me Charge; a service available through the car’s infotainment system and your smartphone. Mercedes me Charge gives owners the ability to find and access an extensive network of public charging points across the UK.

With you every step of the way

Coleman Milne has built its reputation upon offering its customers exceptional levels of support and service. As you make the transition from a conventional vehicle to an electrified one, it is important that you have the support you need from a trusted partner. Whether you need help understanding charging options or applying for a workplace charger grant, or you just want to understand how to get the best from your new vehicle, Coleman Milne is always there to help.

You can also trust Coleman Milne’s electric vehicle experience and expertise. Having offered the Ford Mondeo Hybrid since 2018, Coleman Milne has embraced electrification. It boasts a team of highly skilled electrical engineers, while training on electric vehicles has been given across the business, to ensure that you get the help and advice you need at every step along the way.

Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz: four decades of innovation

The E300e is the latest example of the exceptional levels of innovation that the Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz range has offered over the last four decades. When it was first introduced the Coleman Milne Mercedes range in 1993, it was the only UK funeral vehicle specialist producing cars based on the E-class. It was a combination that soon became very popular and led Coleman Milne through an extraordinary period of innovation.

By 1996, Coleman Milne had mastered Computer Aided Design (CAD), due to the high-tech engineering methods used by Mercedes on its then-new E-class. A few years later, in 2003, the company had harnessed CAD to help produce bodywork, allowing for a more precise and efficient build. At the same time, it had increased its electrical engineering capabilities to match the more complex new car.

Coleman Milne has continued that spirit of innovation in all it has done in relation to its Mercedes-Benz range to date. The Coleman Milne Mercedes-Benz E300e plug-in hybrid is the natural next step on its journey of innovation, which is too good to be missed.


With deliveries expected to start in Q2, the Coleman Milne Sales team is already talking to customers about pre-ordering their new Mercedes Hybrid fleet.

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