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29th July 2021

Bodmin Funeral Services Take Delivery of Cornwall’s First Hybrid Hearse

Proudly independent Bodmin Funeral Services has served communities in and around Cornwall since 1993. With over 40 years of funeral expertise, their calm and dignified approach has helped many families through the sorrow and confusion of bereavement.

Angus, Paula, and the talented team go to great lengths to offer a personal and unique service to their families and this attention to detail extends to their vehicle fleet. Coleman Milne is thrilled to build and supply Bodmin Funeral Services’ latest, super low emission Ford hearse.

The Norwood Hybrid combines the efficiencies of petrol and electric to reduce emissions and lower fuel costs. There’s no need to plug in thanks to the state-of-the-art self-charging system and, perfect for the funeral industry, the Norwood hybrid delivers an exceptionally quiet and sublime drive.

Opting for a Blue Panther finish and a visually appealing vogue grey deck, this Norwood hearse embodies sophistication and is further enhanced by illuminated signage and personalised name plates.

Angus MacKinnon commented:

“Our eco-friendly ethos steers us to make considerate choices that affect a positive impact to the world we live in and the families we serve. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our drive of recent investments which includes a new driveway composed of recycled materials and our eco-friendly Coleman Milne hybrid hearse, which is both superbly practical and elegant in design.

We have been using the hearse for over a month now and the more we use it, the more we love it.”