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22nd October 2021

Dean Brothers Independent Funeral Directors Become First in the Country to Use Tesla hearse

A Formby funeral directors has been test driving the nationā€™s first Tesla Hearse prototype. Iain Dean, managing director at Dean Bros (Formby) Ltd, based at Deans Court, on Gores Lane, revealed that they are the first funeral directors in the country to be test-driving the Coleman Mine Wisper based on the Tesla Model X in a live situation, which they used for four days as well as another electric vehicle, the Mercedes e Vito . Tesla, founded in America in 2003, is a leading electric vehicle and clean energy company.

Iain Dean said:

ā€œAs a company we advocate and are looking for ways to go green as much as possible. ā€œIn context with this, we test-drove the nation’s first Tesla Hearse prototype for four days, which has not been tested by another funeral director in live situations yet. The conversion company Coleman Milne are looking for our feedback and Tesla Manchester have shown great interest in the vehicle.

Coleman Milne are a long-standing national leading company in providing funeral vehicles and conversions to the industry and asked us to try the vehicle out and return with constructive criticisms. We will also be test driving a Tesla Model X this week. All of this will mean we are pushing forwards and embracing the electric vehicle move and will be one of the first funeral directors in the country do so on such a scale with their fleet. Additional vehicles in our fleet will be replaced by electric in the near future.ā€