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18th January 2022

First Coleman Milne Hybrid Fleet Investment for Portadown’s George McNabb & Co

Independent and family run George McNabb & Co has served the Portadown community and surrounding districts since 1975 and are well known and respected for looking after families with genuine compassion and total commitment.

The funeral industry has significantly evolved in the 47 years since George McNabb first established the company, and today, the business is expertly run by the late George McNabb’s grandson Adrian McAteer, and they are proud to offer a complete range of traditional, contemporary, and environmentally aware funerals carried out to the very highest of standards.

Sustainability was a key requirement in procuring their latest fleet and Coleman Milne’s Ford Hybrid range ticked every box. The Norwood Classic Hybrid hearse and Rosedale Hybrid Limousine substantially reduces C02 emissions and delivers outstanding efficiency and refinement along with exceptional performance and driving range.

Engineered specifically for the needs of the modern funeral director the Norwood hearse incorporates illuminated signage, integral coverboards and over deck LED lighting. All the Ford fleet benefits from luxurious leather upholstery and climate control for the ultimate in passenger comfort and advanced drivers’ tech of Bluetooth, satellite navigation and Prestige audio system complete with an 8” touch screen.

Office Manager Mr Thomas Morrison commented:

We’re thrilled with our first Coleman Milne investment and the service we received. There has been a shift in our families’ fleet expectations as many of us realise the need to respect our planet and use resources wisely, these remarkably quiet, fuel-efficient and sustainable funeral vehicles are built to perfection.