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29th July 2022

DJ Protheroe & Sons Leads the Way with Sustainable Funerals in South Wales

D.J. Protheroe & Sons have demonstrated its commitment to the environment by the recent investment of a new fleet of AMG plug-in hybrid Mercedes-Benz developed by Coleman Milne.

The Merthyr Tydfil-based family-run independent business is the first to adopt sustainable hybrid technology in South Wales and the fleet is part of a continuous improvement drive that has included a new branch opening in Brynmawr which is enjoying great success.

Their ethos encompasses a friendly, courteous, and professional approach, and attention to detail and respect for the local community extends to all business operations including the vehicles they provide.

Based on the AMG Line Edition, the E300e plug-in hybrid range features redefined body styling, complimented by the first-class interior ensuring the ultimate in comfort. These flexible vehicles are capable of zero-emission operation in absolute silence during the ceremony and effortlessly switches between electric and petrol power on longer drives to deliver maximum efficiency.

The hearse highlights an expansive Vogue Grey deck complete with generous storage, wreath rails, 2 bearer seats, and cover boards. The personalised illuminated signage and eye-catching glass roof set this fleet apart.

Rob Protheroe commented:

ā€œEmbracing green technology benefits both the environment and our business as a whole, we are delighted to be the forerunners in providing a more carbon neutral funeral service in Wales. The performance and style of the fleet is second to none and the ability to offer a more dignified and quieter cortege has been well received by the families we serve.ā€

Pictured with the AMG Mercedes fleet at handover is Ella Protheroe, Tomas Protheroe, Rob Protheroe and Coleman Milneā€™s Rory Hussey.