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21st October 2022

Carbon Offsetting AMG Mercedes Fleet Marks a First for Cliff Bradley & Sons

Offering a comprehensive service from their Lincolnshire branches, Cliff Bradley & Sons have established an outstanding reputation since 1964 in supporting local families through their time of loss. The independent business is conducted with an emphasis on delivering the very best standards of care. Recently they entrusted Coleman Milne to supply two brand-new Mercedes AMG EQ Power Plug-in hearses and two matching limousines.

Senior Director, Carlton Bradley explains:

“The team here at Cliff Bradley & Sons are incredibly proud to introduce our new fleet of Mercedes funeral vehicles. Brand new, custom designed and based on the E Class AMG Line Edition, this is the first time in our history that we’ve had a matching fleet of hearses and limousines, as we strive to provide our families with the very best into our next generation. Exquisitely tailored and finished, with full length panoramic windows and ambient lighting in the limousines, we hope that these vehicles provide optimum comfort to you and your family on an emotional day, and as part of a beautiful tribute in your loved one’s final journey.”

“Hybrid vehicles with the ability to travel in full electric mode for up to 30 miles, this new fleet also aligns with our environmental objectives to lessen our impact on the local climate, allowing us to not only care for our families now, but also into the future. We hope to complete most of our shorter journeys under electric power, offering occupants of our limousines reduced noise, entirely silent funeral processions, a more peaceful setting in which to mourn, and solemn arrivals at crematoriums, committals, and burials. It’s the small things which can sometimes make a difference. With our new fleet we strive to provide excellence in dignified travel, for you, your family and for your loved one.”