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5th December 2023

A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service Charge Ahead with their First Electric Hearse from Coleman Milne.

A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service is the first independent Funeral Directors to add the all-electric Etive Hearse from Coleman Milne to their funeral fleet. The choice of an eye-catching Iconic Silver finish and upgraded alloys to match their funeral fleet shows their dedication to maintaining a professional and consistent image.
Based in the centre of Nottingham, A.W. Lymn is unique in that it remains a family-owned and managed business, currently in the hands of the fourth and fifth generations of the founder’s family. This continuity of family involvement speaks to their commitment to the company’s values and traditions.
The decision to incorporate an electric hearse into their fleet aligns with the growing demand for sustainable funeral options. The practical range of the Etive hearse, coupled with its full-size design, allows AW Lymn to provide a more sustainable funeral offering. Additionally, the silent operation at the graveside is a noteworthy benefit, providing a more peaceful and respectful environment during the final moments of a service. This move by AW Lymn reflects a positive step toward environmentally friendly funeral services and modernizing the industry.

Nigel Lymn Rose, Chairman commented: ā€œThe Etive marks a significant point in the businessā€™ 116 year history and reflects the social transition to a greener future. We have been serving the bereaved in the region for five generations now, providing a service for families which is ever evolving with the times, from horse-drawn carriages to motor vehicles and now to electric.ā€
ā€œAs the needs of the communities we support change, we are constantly reviewing and expanding our services to ensure we meet all requests. We have witnessed a rise in eco-funerals in recent years, so itā€™s essential that we invest in more sustainable options to both ours, and our communityā€™s, passion for reducing carbon emissions. We are very excited about this transition and plan to continue to look for ways to introduce green initiatives in the funeral industry.ā€