Our specialised ceramic coat paint finishes your vehicle with a glasscoat polysilazane coating, for a sleek, modern look with added protection against deterioration. It’s the ultimate partner to your vehicle and provides excellent protection to exterior paint surfaces, alloy wheels, glass*, plastic, blacks, trims, chrome and carbon fibre to ensure your vehicle remains the epitome of elegance**.

At a glance:

A unique formula means that our ceramic coat paint is effective on all the latest and in-development automotive paint finishes and clear varnishes. It offers protection against the following everyday sources of aesthetic damage:

  • Ceramic paint and interior deterioration
  • Sunlight deterioration
  • Cold water and frost
  • Acid rain
  • Hydrocarbons (exhaust fumes)
  • Alcohols (traffic film removers / degreasers)
  • Bird lime
  • Tree sap

*Excludes front and rear windscreens

**Treatment can only be applied when paint is a minimum of 3 weeks old. For new vehicles, please allow an additional week for delivery.