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14th December 2009

New Improved CM Sure-Lift

This month see’s the release of the new, improved Coleman Milne Sure-Lift. The sure Lift can be installed into a variety of vehicles including the Mercedes Vito, the VW T5 Transporter and Vauxhall Vivaro.
Hydraulic cylinder lifts are replaced with electric four corner lifting mechanisms. The linear actuators make lift operations quieter. The twin decks are now finished with a new advanced material that is lighter, more durable, stronger and scratch resistant. It now also has storage for four stretchers.
The lift system is operated by controls that are mounted on the rear door or pillar. This can only be operated when the rear doors are open and the side door is closed, again this is built with maximum safety in mind. The new vehicle has ‘Magic eye detectors’ that ensure lift operation stops if the laser line on the lower deck is broken. Both of the new decks have 12 rollers, four adjustable coffin stops, folding bumper covers with slam lock action. At the rear of the vehicle warning lights are activated when the doors are open making it safe and discreet to use at all times.
Coleman Milne are seeing a huge demand for the vehicle that was launched earlier this month. ‘The Sure lift has evolved into an extremely smooth operator using the latest electronic technology, customers are really seeing the benefits of this new vehicle’ comments Area sales manager Graham Clow.