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25th June 2020

Employee Spotlight

Matthew Tyrer

Design Engineer

Since: June 2019




8 years as Manufacturing Engineer at Jaguar Landrover

Outline of your main duties:

Responsible for the creation of Critical Work Instructions and managing and implementation of any Vehicle Change Requests that are raised. I work closely with the Quality Engineer on defining acceptable standards and how they are measured and scored at the end of the line in the plant. I am also involved in the warranty side of the business to interpret the data for any clear signals that can improve the customer experience through continuous improvement and practical problem-solving techniques. I also have a larger long term project to try and bring as many OEM standards into the business through the build phase. Reducing waste and variation which is proven to deliver a finer end-product.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Coleman Milne is the most enjoyable company I have been part of and that is down to the people. From the teams who put the vehicles together all the way to boardroom level, I think everyone is keen to improve and keep making our products better for the customer. That buy-in across the board makes a huge difference when working on any complex issues that may arise.

Details of any hobbies/special interests:

I run and volunteer at Walton Amateur Boxing Club. Most nights I am in the gym teaching the art of self-defence to young people in one of the most socially deprived areas in the UK.