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29th June 2020

Quality is paramount for Coleman Milne

Significant investment has been made in the quality process at Coleman Milne as we strive for continuous improvement. Not only have our processes become more stringent, but we have also recently invested in an on-site Quality Hub to ensure every vehicle is produced to the highest possible standard; driven by our newly appointed Quality and Manufacturing Engineer, Matt Tyrer.

Matt explains more about the new Quality Hub;

ā€œThe aim is to bring the voice of the customer into the factory, whilst at the same time emphasising to our employees that being conscious of their own quality is paramount. The hub will provide an independent and consistent review of our product that will remove any deviation in our finished vehicles through concise data-driven problem solving, based on the OEM world-class scoring practices that our ceremonial fleet will now be subject to. This new Coleman Milne standard is based on years of OEM luxury vehicle quality and problem-solving experience that will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we work to continuously improve the quality of our vehicles.ā€

Funeral Vehicles Quality Hub