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16th July 2021

Coleman Milne Welcomes New Customer Alderson’s Family Funerals as they Celebrate 100 Years of Excellence

2021 marks a significant milestone for Alderson’s Family Funerals in Durham as they celebrate 100 years of proud heritage and funeral expertise. Founded by Robert William Alderson, the business has passed down through the generations and is now operated with time honoured skill by Norman Alderson and family, supported by a highly trained team.

The funeral industry has evolved considerably over the last century and Alderson’s Family Funerals has adapted to meet the ever-changing and diverse requirements. One constant has remained, the company’s dedication to ensuring a compassionate, dignified, and caring service for all that has endured throughout many successful decades.

Coleman Milne is honoured to supply the company’s new petrol Mercedes E213 centenary fleet which fuses practicality with sophistication. The range is designed to deliver dignity and luxury and is finished in opulent leather upholstery.

The Classic hearse incorporates a glass roof that allows light to flood in and captures every detail of the spacious interior. Complete with 2-bearer deck, integral coverboards, wreath rails and illuminated signage, this hearse will serve for years to come.

The accompanying limousine is packed with innovative technology including automatic climate control, reversing sensors, and satellite navigation and offers exceptional passenger comfort.

Norman Alderson had this to add:

“We are delighted to mark our centenary with this prestigious Mercedes fleet. We ensure that families are carefully supported in all aspects of planning and the cortege plays a vital part. This high-performance fleet offers a luxurious choice and reflects our high standards which, we have found, are shared by Coleman Milne”


Pictured is (L-R) Coleman Milne’s Eddie Marsden with Kathryn and Norman Alderson